What is Linux?|what are its features? |What are the types of Linux?

What is Linux?

What is Linux?

Hello friends, welcome once again to our Hindi blog Hamara Support. Here today we will talk about Linux. First of all, we will know what is Linux. All the machinery that we get to see in hospitals and big colleges, factories, and big factories. After all, what operating system and or at what level does that machine work? This is a very big question. We all want to know how all these machines work. And how are they operated? In this post, we will talk about what is Linux. What is Linux? What is Linux Operating System? What is Planetary System? How many types is this? What are its features? And what has been its history? So friends, today we will try to know very well about all these things in this post. I hope you will complete my post. Because there is good knowledge in the entire post itself. In which do we have Linux? You can know about it very well.


What is Linux?

Like Windows, Android, and IOS, Linux is also a type of operating system. The operating system is an interface between the user of a computer and the computer hardware in which the user can easily interact with the computer. OS is a collection of software that is used by the computer. Manages the hardware resources and provides general services for the work of the computer. You must know that without the OS, the computer cannot do any work. Linux is the most popular and multi-operating system that manages all the resources connected to your laptop and desktop. Manages Linux Uniux is a famous version of the operating system, it is a free and open source software, which means that a developer can use Linux Coding on the Internet for free, by modifying the code according to his own, for commercial and personal use Linux operating system. It was originally made for personal computers, but later this operating system is used on many platforms such as Gaming Console, Mobile, Smart Tv, and even vehicles from this operating system.

History of Linux

The Linux operating system was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and was released by AT&T’s Laboratories under the General Public License GPL. When Linus was a student at the University of Helsinki, he was a version of the Unix operating system using an OS called Minix. We’re doing this when Linus and some users found that this OS can work better by making some changes in Minix

Then he requested their creator Andrew Tanenbaum to make some changes and improvements in Minix, then Andrew said that this change was not necessary for him and he did not change it, then at the same time Linux decided to make its operating system which allows the user to comment. Will keep in mind the suggestions for further improvements Linux was a student of C programming language, so he started writing code in this language, about 95% of the code of Linux is written in C language and the rest of the code he wrote in Assembly Language and other languages. After preparing the coding, the operating system was named Linux by adding Linus and Unix. Linux was designed to be Unix friendly, so many Punchunality is similar to Unix. Linux and Unix are similar in many ways. Linux is free while Unix is ​​not free.


Features of Linux

  • Linux is an open-source system that anyone can use. Which means it is available for free on the internet. Which anyone can download and play on their laptop desktop. It also means open source. That code is available on the internet. Any person can use it anywhere by making some changes to it.
  • It is a Portable Operating System. Which we can use on any other device like a laptop desktop and any machine that does auto work. We can also take it from one place to another.
    It is a multitasking operating system. This means that we can complete many tasks simultaneously.
  • Multi-user Linux is a multi-user operating system, there can be one to two or more users. Different dusters can do their own work with their own login id and password.
  • Linux provides good security. There are fewer chances of getting the virus in it. It provides password protection for our files to specific files.
  • This operating system means Linux does a lot of multiprogramming work. This means that it works on many large applications simultaneously. We can do our work on our big level or many things together.

Types of Linux

By the way, there is no type of Linux. But we know them by the name of the distribution. Which is a different version of Linux. Which have been made only by making changes from the original code. Which we should use according to our work. Some of these are as follows-

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Kali Linux
  • Linux Mint
  • Solus 
  • Antergos
  • Debian
  • OpenSUSE
  • Fedora
  • Deepin 
  • Arch Linux


Friends, today we have learned in our post, what is Linux in computers. What is Linux?? What is Linux Operating System? What is Planetary System? How many types is this? What are its features? And what has been its history? We took complete information about it, we hope that this post written by us will be very beneficial and inspirational for you, we have told you a lot of information in this, yet if there is anything left in it, then definitely tell us by commenting and if it is If you find the most beneficial, then you must definitely share this post with your friends. Your friends will also benefit from this. If you want to read more posts like this, then you can definitely subscribe and follow our website. Apart from this, if you want to give any information to us, then you can give it to us on the Contact Us page.

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