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options trading with example

Hello friends, welcome to this article. If you want to earn money from the stock market and mutual funds, then option trading could be a good choice for you. With its help, you can make money. Considering this, we’ve brought this article for you, in which we’ll explain what options trading is, how to do option trading, how to learn options trading, and what is option trading in simple language.

If you’re starting trading, doing Option Trading might seem difficult for you, but you can learn it very easily, after which you can also do Option Trading. In India, most people are doing Option Trading and earning a good amount of money.

What Is Option Trading

Friends, Options Trading is a type of content that grants the right to buy or sell a security at a specific price on a particular date, but it doesn’t come with any obligation.

In simpler terms, an Option is a contract linked to an underlying asset, like a stock or an index. The best example of this is Stock or Index options. An Option Contract has a defined time frame, like 1 week, 1 month, or even 1 year.

When you buy an Option Stock, you gain the right to trade the underlying asset, but you’re not obliged to do so. You have the choice to utilize the option in making decisions.

Types Of Option Trading

Options trading has two types, which are explained below:

1. Call Option Trading

Call Option Trading” is when you buy the right to exchange a stock, index, or financial instrument for a set period. This option allows you to purchase the asset during that specified time.

It’s called a Call Option because it gives you the right to buy the asset through this option. If the value of the right is higher than the asset’s value at the end of the set period, you can use the right to purchase the asset.

How to do Call Option Trading

To become a successful Call Option Trader, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to open an account with your broker that allows for Call Option Trading.
  • Afterward, select a stock that you wish to trade.
  • Then, you can purchase a call option for a specified price.
  • Your broker will advise you on buying call options at different prices and durations.

2. Put Option Trading

A ‘Put option‘ is something a person buys when they expect a decrease in the price of a stock. With this option, they can sell the stock at a good price that might otherwise be unavailable for selling.

How to do Put Option Trading

To become a proficient Put Option trader, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Put Option Trading is a specialized financial instrument, so understanding it thoroughly is crucial. Start by comprehending the trading rules and methods.
  • You’ll need to open a Trading Account either through your bank or with an online broker available on the internet.
  • Choose a specific stock on which you wish to conduct Put Option Trading.
  • Select a stock in which you have confidence and whose prospects may be weak.
  • Once you’ve chosen a stock, you can purchase Put Options.
  • For this, log in to your Trading Account and enter information such as the specific stock’s price, time duration, and the quantity you wish to purchase.
  • Determine the amount you want to allocate for your Put Option Trading.

How to trade options

Friends, if you’re wondering how to do Option Trading, after reading the steps below, you’ll be able to engage in Option Trading:

  • Firstly, you need to choose a broker who understands your needs and financial goals.
  • Once you’ve selected your broker, you’ll need to open your trading account.
  • To select an option, you’ll need to study your goals and the market situation.
  • You’ll have to pay the Option Premium, which is included in the valuation of the option. Since this fluctuates with the market, observe it carefully.
  • Controlling your transactions is crucial in Options Trading.
  • Friends, achieving success in Options Trading without practice can be challenging. You should practice to enhance your trading skills. You can learn about Options Trading from books and other online resources.

How to determine the value of an option

To determine the value of options trading, you need to focus on several elements outlined below:

  • The current value of the product is instrumental in understanding its present worth.
  • The strike rate signifies the price at which an option is purchased.
  • Selecting the strike rate involves considering not only the current value of the product but also factors like the duration, market indicators, historical data of the product, and other relevant elements.
  • The timeframe plays a significant role in defining the value of the option. Along with the timeframe, one should also consider the expiration date.
  • These considerations are essential in comprehending the dynamics of options trading.

Option Trading Tricks and Tips

Below are Option Trading Tricks and Tips that you can read:

  • Friends, thorough research is crucial in trading. If you gather information about various companies and their products and analyze what changes can occur in their prices.
  • Buy and sell options according to the trade. In an active market, you can buy a Call Option in a rising market and a Put Option in a declining market.
  • Friends, you can use diversification in Options Trading and distribute your options in equal parts. This can reduce your losses and maximize profits.
  • If you’re new or have a limited budget, you can engage in Options Trading with lower risk. This can help you avoid losses.
  • Before buying options, you can save time and pay lower premiums for your options by using spreads.

Friends, if you trade Options Trading while keeping these Tips and Tricks in mind, you can earn a good profit.

Advantages of Option Trading

In options trading, you have the potential for higher profits. Even by investing a minimal capital, you can earn substantial gains. Options trading provides the freedom to choose from multiple possibilities.

This means you can select options that align most with your interests or those you are most knowledgeable about. Additionally, you can employ risk management techniques to limit potential losses.

Disadvantages of Option Trading

After investing in Options Trading, there’s uncertainty about what might happen. Hence, if you lack proper knowledge, you should study it thoroughly before investing. Some options have time limits, so if you choose them, you need to know about the time constraints.

There’s a high limit to investment in Options Trading. Therefore, if you don’t have a significant amount of funds, you can’t invest in Options Trading.

If the market isn’t in your favor, your investment can be at risk. Additionally, there are times when even after your investment ends, you might incur losses.


In today’s article, we discussed what Option Trading is, its types, how to do Option Trading, tricks and tips for Option Trading, and the discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of Option Trading. Hopefully, you found it easy to read and understand.

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