How to come out of depression thoughts | Thoughts are powerful.

How to come out of depression thoughts

How to come out of depression thoughts

Thoughts are powerful, my friend. You can go from a happy soul to a sad, messed-up soul in a minute. It’s all in the brain. How you are feeling. How you are feeding your brain. And when these negative thoughts keep revisiting you, you lose all your peace. It becomes a burden on your chest, a burden that keeps adding on with each second, with each thought. So how does it happen? It just starts.

There is something in your head. You keep ignoring that. But soon, it starts to play out loud in your head. And then you get tired of fighting it. You feel weak. You feel tired. You feel lonely. So you give up. And you feel that you deserve to be sad. That’s how everything crowds you. You become so weak in your heart that you refuse to see the good in you. You start to remember the meanest things said to you.

You remember those lines, and you think maybe you are that worthless, for real. Maybe, you really won’t be happy ever. Maybe, you will never be able to achieve anything in life. Sadness drags you deeper and deeper into that hole. And before you know it, you are not sharing anything with anyone. You want to mourn in peace. You want to stay that miserable you. You are hating it. But you can’t just break the shackles. That’s how helpless you get.

People don’t realize this. But not everything is depression. Sadness can come in little phases when it’s not that heavy to need some professional help. Sometimes, it’s just a soft slap, a slap that’s not hard enough to make you cry. But it’s hard enough to make you sad and numb for a while. It does not scream at you in madness. It keeps whispering to your soul. It does not make your life hell. It just makes it sad and quiet. You keep doing what you are doing. You do your work. You talk to people. You smile. You laugh. You share memes. But deep down, something is eating you. Inside, there is something that’s dying and screaming for help. But what to seek help for when you are not sure what is? Exactly, that’s the tragedy of it all. You are sad, but you don’t know what you are sad about, maybe, nothing, or maybe, everything.

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