What is a web browser?| the history of web browsers?

the history of web browsers?

What is a web browser?

In earlier times, when we had to get some information, we mostly found it in our teachers or books, etc., or someone older than us or parents used to ask about that topic, but in today’s time, whenever we have to take information about it from the internet, we get information about it and in today’s time, we all take information from the internet and also get information easily from it, for which smartphone, laptop, and desktop or tablet can be used. We do it but we cannot get information only from the internet because to connect to the internet we need a medium in which we can search the internet by writing our questions, that medium is called Web Browser.


In today’s article, we will tell you what is a web browser and how it works, without a web browser, we cannot get any information from the internet, so let us tell you today what is a web browser. Read the article till the end, in which you will get all the information related to Web Browser.

What is a web browser?

In the world of the Internet, the web browser is a software program that helps the user to find information from the Internet. A web browser is the means by which any kind of information is found on the website present in www (World Wide Web) like images, Provides access to many things like articles, photos, videos, and music.

Today, whatever we search or read using the Internet, it is all present on the web page of the website, which is written in the computer language HTML, which is also called Hipper Text Markup Language, by writing its code only. Web page is created HTML language is used to design the web page of the web site, whenever we search by writing a question in the address bar of the web browser, then this software can be found by us from countless web pages. Internet and web browser are connected to each other, without this we cannot get any information on the internet.


The history of web browsers?

the web browser is known by its name Web means “net” which has been named Internet in the language of the computer and Browser means “to find” it means to go to the Internet and find a subject Web Browser It started when the internet was invented.

In 1990, when Tim Berners Lee was working on a way to share information on a computer with someone else, then he made this work easier through Hyperlink. The hyperlink is done in the text written in the text, in which the address of any other web page is given, when anyone clicks on this link, the browser will take us to another page.

Tim Berners Lee used HTML language to get the data or any information present on the computer on another computer. HTML is written in special commands which are different and easier than other programming languages. These special commands are named HTML Txt. It is known that the web page is created using this Txt, but at this time the problem was that not everyone could understand this Txt, so Tim Berners Lee made software that reads HTML Txt and displays it in front of the user. This software was named Browser, which is also known as Web Browser so that it can show information in the appropriate language.

what is the first web browser?

  1. The name of the world’s first web browser was www i.e. World Wide Web, which was created by Tim Berner Lee in 1990, and was later renamed Nexus, which was the world’s first web browser.
  2. In 1993, a new web browser named Mosaic was created, which was created by the inventor Marc Andreessen and his team, it was the first browser of that time that could show Text and Images simultaneously on the device screen, the reason for this new feature. Since then people all over the world had started using it.
  3. In 1993, Marc Andreessen created another Web Browser based on Mosaic himself, which he named Netscape Navigator. Shortly after the launch of this browser, it reached the computer devices of almost all Internet users around the world.
  4. In 1995, Microsoft Company launched a new browser named Internet Explorer to compete with Netscape Navigator, which was made available for free with the package of the system Windows 95 Operating System, to use Internet Explorer Browser for free. Was getting the facility and people were using this browser after paying money to Netscape Navigator, so Netscape Navigator left the world.

which is the best web browser

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Duck Duck Go
  • UC Browser

All these web browsers have created a special place in the device of the people and a different identity in the market. The interface of all the web browsers may seem a little different to you, but the work of all is the same, that is to surf the Internet.

how does a web browser work

The web browser works on the Client Model Server, when we search for any information on the Internet, then the browser prepares a list of websites to display that information and put the data on our computer screen or mobile screen, about which we search in the search bar. When we do, the information related to that topic appears on the display in front of us and when the user clicks on a website, the browser contacts the server of that website and displays the information requested by the user on the user device screen.

Here the user’s screen works as a client and the website works as a server which helps in accessing the information. All these are written in the computer language HTML which the web browser can easily understand and translate and present in front of the user.


In today’s article, we have come to know what is web browser i.e. what is a web browser and how many types are there also told you about how a web browser works, and how you like this information in the comment box below. Must tell and also share on social media.

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