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How to learn to coding

If you want to learn Coding? But do not know how and where to learn, so through this post you will learn step-by-step how to learn coding?

Whether you want to make a website or an application, you have to learn how to do coding for this. Once you have learned computer coding, then from a website, computer software, mobile games and many types of apps can be easily developed.

In the next post, what is coding first of all to you and what will be the benefits of learning it? It has been told about this. After this, you can understand them one by one which methods you should follow to learn coding.

What is coding

Coding, also called computer programming, is a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do. For example, computers do not understand the language of humans. Now if we have to get them to do a task, we have to use language that they can understand.

So coding is a type of language, which is used by the computer to understand our commands and process them accordingly. The person who writes these codes (programs) is called coder or programmer.

Benefits of Learning Coding

In today’s era when computers are being used in every field, learning coding can prove to be very beneficial for a person. Below are some of the major benefits of learning Coding:

  1. From a career perspective, learning coding can prove to be better. Since coding is one such skill, which is most in demand at present.
  2. A coder/computer programmer not only has job opportunities but also earns a lot of money due to their skills.
  3. You can build your own website, app, and video game. Apart from this, you can also do this work for others, and earn money from it.
  4. By learning to code, you understand how technology actually works. With this, you are able to use technology in your life in a better way.
  5. Since coding requires logical thinking, you have to feed the commands into the computer step by step. By doing this, a person’s ability to solve a problem also gradually improves.

How can I learn coding

After getting a basic understanding of coding, let’s come to the main question “How to learn coding?” Since this field is huge, so does the variety of coding languages. So a question is very common, how to start learning Coding?

For this step-by-step, some points are given below. We sincerely hope that you will soon become a professional coder if you read and understand and follow the:

Step 1: Find Which Field of Coding Are You Interested in.

If you have a lot of interest in learning Coding, then first of all take a little information about it and see which field of computer programming you are more interested in. For example, if you want to make a website, then you can start your career in the field of web development. Apart from this, there are many other fields like App Development, Video Game Development, System Development, Embedded Systems Development, and many more, by taking information about them you will be in the right direction. can proceed.

The field you choose will largely decide which language you should learn. Apart from this, working in the field of your choice, you will also enjoy writing code and learning new things. You will have a clear path by which you will be able to master that field of coding and earn good money based on your skills.

Step 2: Choose the right computer language and tool.

Once you have chosen your field, it is very much decided which computer language you should learn. For example, if you choose web development, then usually you have to learn languages ​​like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can get started with languages ​​like Java, C#, Python, and Swift in mobile app development. According to other such fields, you have to choose the right language and tool, with the help of which you will practice writing code.

This is a very important step. For this, you can watch videos on YouTube, read articles on Google, and take the opinion of a programmer. Whichever method you want to use, do so. Starting out with the right language can make your coding learning journey even better. The chart below will help you choose the right language for your field.

Web DevelopmentJavaScript/HTML/CSS, nodejs, php, django
AndroidJAVA, Kotlin
Software DevelopmentJava, C#, Python
Game DevelopmentC, C++, C#

Step 3: Start learning the basic concepts of the language.

Now you have to start learning the basic concepts of the chosen language. For example, suppose you chose C++ language, then you learn its fundamentals (Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Functions, Loops, Arrays or Lists, etc.). For this, you can take the help of Internet. Websites like Codecademy, W3Schools, SoloLearn, HackerRank, GeeksforGeeks, freeCodeCamp, etc. Helps you to learn the basics of Coding for free. Along with this, you can also take the help of video tutorials. Some of the major YouTube channels are CodewithHarry, Apni Kaksha, ProgrammingKnowledge, Telusko, MySirG.Com, etc.

By using these resources, you can easily start learning the language of your choice. Apart from this, if there is a training center for coding in your city, then you can join the class by going there too. If you do not know anything about coding, then learning through a trainer can prove to be better for you.

Step 4: Build your own website or app.

Start a project of your own. You can start building a website or an app. This is the best way to practice whatever you are learning. By doing this you will be able to catch your mistakes and learn from them. However, many students are worried about how to start their own project. You don’t have to directly create a website like Facebook, but you have to start building a simple site or application according to what you are learning.

Step 5: Learn from Online Courses and Books.

There are many courses and books available online, by which you can learn Coding. The biggest advantage of learning from the course is that all the tutorials related to the language are given in the series. With this, you do not wander, and you also learn all the topics related to that language.

Coursera, Udemy, and edX are some of the major websites from where you can buy coding courses. Along with this, reading books is also a good way to learn coding. Through books, you can understand the fundamentals of the language more deeply. Overall you should use all the resources so that you can advance in this area at a faster pace.

Step 6: Get help from Google.

You may face many problems while learning to code. Your code may not work properly, an error message may appear. Along with this, there are many such things in coding, which are not understood at first. Whatever the problem, search for it on Google, you will definitely find its solution.

Don’t think at all that you will not do anything wrong. Rather, even a professional programmer makes many mistakes while writing code. So whenever the code doesn’t work and you don’t understand something, search for the problem in Google. You will find many web pages related to it.

Step 7: Join the online form.

In the beginning, you may have to face many problems when learning Coding by yourself. There are some things that you might not understand at all. In such a situation, by joining a Coding Forum, you can leave your questions there. These forums are like an online community for programmers from all over the world, where they can answer each other’s questions and share their knowledge with others.

Some of the major online forums including StackOverflow, CodeProject, Bytes Community, sirfpadhai, etc. is included. Join some other similar forums that you like better. It will help you to solve all the problems related to your language.

Step 8: Practice writing code daily.

Along with learning, it is even more important that you practice writing code daily. Whatever time you give to coding, divide half of that time for learning and practicing. You must have heard a saying in English “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. This thing fits even more in the case of learning Coding.

If you want to become a better coder, then you have to develop your habit of writing code daily. It is not at all necessary that you practice a lot of code in a single day. Even if you practice two line code, but do it daily. With daily practice, it will become easier for you to write code.

Free platform to learn coding:-

If you have made up your mind to learn any coding language, then you will find many free platforms on the internet from where you can start your journey. Below we have listed some of the best free platforms. In this, you have been given links to some famous websites and YouTube tutorials, by clicking on which you can start learning your chosen language.

To Learn Free Website Coding:


Free YouTube Tutorials To Learn Coding:

Apni Kaksha
Dev Ed

How to learn coding – in brief

Coding has become an essential skill in today’s digital age. Not only because you can make a lot of money out of it, but all the technology stuff around you has a piece of code. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared 8 steps, by following which any person can easily learn coding.

We hope, how to learn coding in this post. All the things mentioned in it will be useful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the post, then you can tell us through comments. In the end, if the post is informative, then please do share it on social media, so that this information can reach other people through you.

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